Coca-Cola running scared of the sugar tax

ImageCoca-Cola came out on Monday night. The world’s most valuable brand, broadcast an advert suggesting they, possibly, have a problem with sugar. In a certain first in the history of food and beverage advertising, it mentioned the o-word – obesity. This comes 126 years after Coca-Cola’s invention, many of them spent in denial of the most damning medical evidence about the “right one’s” failings over a number of damaging and addictive substances – caffeine, sugar, teeth-rotting acids and cocaine.

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2 thoughts on “Coca-Cola running scared of the sugar tax

  1. Excellent stuff as usual – do you get any money from this sort of thing? The blog, I mean? Please don’t start on salt, though, or I shall have to stop reading you. Or eating. Or both … xxx Mum

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